Lostock Water Treatment

Scheme: United Utilities Lostock W.T.W supplies around 250,000 customers in and around the Bolton and Manchester area. In August 2012 the need was identified for an additional 60Ml/d treatment capacity through the works together with refurbishment of the existing filters. This was to support the major Haweswater Aqueduct outage in August 2013. The project new works included the construction of 6 number 15m long x 5m wide stainless steel Rapid Gravity Filters together with the associated process pipework.

Year of Completion: 2013

Powerrun Contract Value: £850,000.00

Powerrun Scope: The project included the design, supply, fabrication, mechanical installation and on-site pressure testing of various FBE coated carbon and stainless steel process pipework1400mm NB to 80mm NB to facilitate the operation of the new 6 off stainless steel filter assemblies. In addition to the pipework, we also installed numerous support structures, pump sets, process tanks, valves and flow meters.

Project Challenges: This contract was exceptional in that what would normally take 18-24 months to construct needed to be completed within a 12-month timescale. The design was progressed concurrently with the on-site build programme with the works turning flows after just an 11-months construction period and within the £17-million project budget.

A time-lapse video charting the construction of Lostock W.T.W. can be seen below…