Fabrication Materials

Complete pipework systems, individual bespoke pipe specials, pressure vessels and process tanks are fabricated in both carbon and stainless steel materials with us having a lifting capacity for any single item of 10,000Kgs.

Working strictly in accordance with third party approved welding-procedures, our engineers are qualified and coded to undertake the fabrication and welding of most grades of carbon steel and stainless steel grades 304L and 316L.

Approved welding procedures and the coding of welding engineers to other project-specific standards can also be supplied including Low-temperature carbon steel and the more exotic grades of stainless steel including Duplex and Hasteloy.

Our carbon and stainless steel welding procedures are qualified by TUV – UK Ltd to BS EN ISO 15614-1: 2017 / BS EN ISO 5817: 2014 Category B and our fabrication and welding engineers are qualified and coded by TUV – UK Ltd to BS EN ISO 9606-1: 2017 – BS EN ISO 5817: 2014 Cat B/C.

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