Offsite Assembly and Modular Build

Innovation is openly encouraged within the water and sewage treatment sectors with the UK water utilities and AMP framework contractors constantly striving to find and demonstrate new cost savings and efficiencies. With this in mind, Powerrun Pipe-Mech. Ltd. will always give serious consideration to the feasibility of build offsite and modular pipework and treatment plant assembly including all associated electrical control panels, instrumentation and automation.

For the bigger municipal treatment plants, the associated process pipework often comprises of large, complex and special bespoke arrangements that are prohibitive to supplying modular and build offsite systems. However, for the smaller private, remote and suburban works, packaged pump stations, plant rooms, UV and other treatment processes can be offsite factory assembled, containerised or housed in purpose built bespoke enclosures.

Water and sewage treatment processes are supplied as packaged factory assembled plants designed for easy transportation to remote and rural areas where temporary and short-term shock treatment is required.

Plug and play booster pump stations and treatment facilities minimise costly plant outages and significantly reduce onsite installation and commissioning timescales. In addition, they offer the obvious Health and Safety benefits associated with minimal on site construction and assembly activities.