Site Survey and AutoCAD Design

Designs and drawings provided by industry consultants and clients are often an overview of the scheme and can lack the detail that is essential if the project is to be manufactured and delivered within a defined budget. Powerrun will add value to your business and undertake detailed site surveys to enhance and supplement this information. In parallel with our site surveys, pipework arrangements and fabrication details will be value engineered to minimise costs to you whilst also taking into consideration any site constraints and the practicalities of on-site installation. Operational maintenance and end of life demolition is also taken into consideration.

As built arrangement and individual pipe spool fabrication drawings are produced in AutoCAD format and we also have 3-D modelling software.

Site Surveys Can Include

  • Health and safety
  • Assessment for site access and site specific hazards
  • Crane access, lifting plans and RAMS
  • Environmental considerations
  • Equipment removal and demolition
  • Pre construction and installation information
  • Verification of new and existing structure floor and slab levels
  • Determination of entry and exit positions of existing suction and delivery pipework
  • Confirmation of size and position of box-outs for cast in puddle pipes
  • Clash investigation
  • Dimensional checks of existing pipe flanges and determination of flange tables and pressure ratings
  • Complete dimensional survey of new civil structures to confirm accuracy against client supplied construction and arrangement drawings
  • Measured, investigative and condition surveys of existing pipework, plant and equipment
  • Photographic
  • Development and modification appraisal